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North American Manufacturing was founded as a privately held corporation in the State of Pennsylvania in 1976. The Company was originally located in Taylor, Pennsylvania. The company remained in that facility until moving to its current Scranton location in 1981.

During the 1990's, North American made several commitments to growth. North American added several people to its management staff to upgrade its ability to control and plan production. This new staff brought a commitment to quality products, delivered on time, at a competitive price. The old liquid paint line was replaced with an efficient powder coating system in 1997. This investment reduced the amount of rework and rejects and dramatically increased throughput. The company also invested in the construction of a 6,000 square foot warehouse to improve flow control.

The company made a commitment to upgrade its computer systems. Investments were made in accounting and production control software. The company also began looking into Electronic commerce as a means to increase business. In 1998 the company was awarded it first contract that required EDI for placement of orders by the USPS and shipments by electronic bills of lading. As such North American was one of the first companies in the United States to conduct electronic commerce with the Postal Service. Since that time North American has been awarded three more contracts that utilize EDL.

In the year 2001, North American made more significant investment in equipment to allow the company to offer more products. The addition of an automatic turret press allowed the company to produce sheet metal carts and cabinets. As 2001 ended the company added sewing capability. North American now produces several equipage items and has added the General and Industrial Supply Center Philadelphia as one of the company's major customers.

After may years of planing, North American Manufacturing added additional capacity (12,000 square feet) to begin the production of the U.S. Army military field cot in 2004. The Company also purchased a automatic spreader and fabric cutter. North American was able to supply cots for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, In 2006, North American was awarded its first contract with the u.s. Army for the cot.

Since 2009, North American has been performing subcontracting work in support of the US Army's new generation field equipment. The company is producing over 50,000 pieces of ammo bags for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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